Meet Pegasus

3 good reasons to create your brand website using Pegasus

  • Consumer expectations: Increase accessibility to modern consumers who demand transparency and clear information
  • Content distribution: Engage in relevant conversations and to distribute and share content globally using a Carlsberg "owned platform"
  • Tactical: Support tactical initiatives that allow us to engage both customers and consumers

Immersive and seamless brand experiences

Our new global state-of-the-art websites are designed to give users full-on immersive brand experiences. The sites are based on responsive design, making it easier to tell great stories regardless of which interface (PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone) is used for engaging with our brands. They also draw on the strengths of social media channels, making consumer interaction easy.

Scalable interactive platform

The sites are built on a new platform called Pegasus, which is robust, streamlined and highly scalable. It makes the aggregation and sharing of content from several platforms a smooth process and allows for local adaptations. Such flexibility makes it easy to cater to brand and cultural differences while allowing for the reuse of tried and proven content and functionality.